Who is PreppedTM for? 

PreppedTM can be used by anyone with serious illness, a caregiver, or a loved one of someone living with serious illness.  Currently, PreppedTM has a library of questions for patients living with cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) with five new libraries for various other illnesses planned.

"I was overwhelmed.  A simple web search wasn't all that simple.  It was full of facts, not relevant to me.  I just wanted to know - what should I be asking?" 

"I thought I was ready.  And then I'm sitting in front of the doctor, and my mind goes blank." 

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​Prepped empowers users to search questions, develop their own, and select questions based on personal fit, recommendations by experts, and helpfulness 

​Illness can make people feel powerless.  Knowing what to ask gives you control and informs your doctor of your goals, needs, wishes, and concerns.  

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​Prepped creates appointment-specific lists of questions for you to ask your doctor - no need to remember, the app does it for you

Introducing the Prepped App

Where can I download PreppedTM?

Prepped can be used by any smartphone user.  It can be downloaded in the App Store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for Android users. 

"I explored what other people like me were asking their doctors.  I used the app to make sets of questions for each appointment, and for each kind of doctor.  I took control of how the visit would go, and made sure I didn't have the 'If only I had asked' feelingI often got in the parking lot after the appointment.  I felt engaged and empowered." 

​​What is PreppedTM?

Each person’s experience with serious illness is unique.  PreppedTM is a smartphone app that arms patients and their loved ones with the best questions for them to ask their medical team as they navigate their journey through serious illness.  Because each person’s experience is unique to them, the information that is important to them is very specific.  Instead of providing impersonal answers to patients with serious illness,PreppedTM focuses on providing patients with the best questions for them based off of questions patients like them have found useful in the past.